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Your package contains 5 audios, 2 of which contain BrainTune®. You will also receive a detailed instruction manual on use and a personalised download link to download the products.

Attract Your Ideal Job Thought Inspire Subliminal Series

Retail Price: $37 US


If you've ever wanted to attract your ideal job and didn't know how, or if you need a boost to reinvigorate the momentum to attract it, this audio series is for you.

Attracting your ideal job is all about your belief and confidence that you can attract it and that you deserve to have it in your life. Once you feel deep inside that you deserve and are worth the job in question, the chance for it to manifest in your life becomes massive.

Having your ideal job paves the way to achieve true fulfillment and satisfaction in life. You will also feel happier, have a stable income and get true life satisfaction and fulfillment. Everybody is cut out for something different, and your ideal job is what you personally are cut out to do. If you have a longing to achieve or be a certain person then this audio series is for you.

As your subconscious mind begins to fall in tune with the law of attraction, it will be as if someone has turned on a light. Finally you can begin to see how its really possible to attract and live the job you want. The possibilities and opportunities will open up everywhere for you and you will achieve true satisfaction and fulfillment for achieving one of your ambitions.

Begin to resonate at a higher level to attract your ideal job once and for all. Feel alive and energised for your dream job.
Manifest your idea life with your ideal job, income, work and living patterns. Live life on your terms and in your way.
Re-wire your subconscious mind and eliminate all limiting beliefs and subconscious tendencies that keep you from your ideal job.
Maximise your chances of attracting the ideal job by resonating at the right frequency to attract it into your life.

I attract my ideal job
I am open to new possibilities
I have strong intentions for my new job
I attract good job opportunities all the time
I feel good about attracting my ideal job
I am highly productive in my work
I make good money in my job
I feel attracted to my ideal job
The right job enters my life now
It becomes easy for me to attract my perfect job
I enjoy working in my perfect job

I enjoy what I do for a living
I think long term with my job
My career opens up many doorways for me
I love my new job
I think about my perfect job all the time
I know my perfect job is entering my life
I am busy attracting my perfect job
Lots of people want to work with me
I am very attractive to others
I am highly skilled and talented
I am confident in my abilities


 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or digital device for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening
All you have to do is listen to the audios for a minimum of 10 mins per day. You can also listen to this series along with our other packages to accelerate your results. For example, you could use

As you listen to the sounds, you will find your subconscious mind beginning to think differently about the possibility of your ideal job. You will begin to feel more confident as you continue listening. The suggestions are designed to penetrate deeper into your subconscious mind so you can begin to attract, and think strongly on your goals. Your emotions will charge and invigorate as you feel positive about your ability to achieve your goals.

The audio helps to re-wire your beliefs and have you thinking differently about your place in the world and what you can achieve in it. You therefore project a different frequency and vibration out to the world, which attracts it back to you in return. Your habitual patterns of thinking will change and you will move to a completely different paradigm that can change your world and outlook for good.

Our scientifically engineered BrainTune® sounds will tune your brain to perfection. Nothing beats the power, strength and dynamism of BrainTune® to alter your mental thinking around forever. Embrace the world's most powerful subliminal technology at last, and inspire new thoughts to get activate the law of attraction!

The Attract Your Ideal Job Subliminal Series is best used for:

Anyone who wants to attract their ideal job into their life using the power of the mind

For those that want to attract new opportunities and possibilities for their ideal job

For those that want to open up new career opportunities

For anyone who has tried other ways which didnt work and need some help in attracting their ideal job

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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