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Your package contains 5 audios, 2 of which contain BrainTune®. You will also receive a detailed instruction manual on use and a personalised download link to download the products.

Become A Better Boss Thought Inspire Subliminal Series

Retail Price: $37 US


If you could become the kind of boss that people would line up to work for, would you? If by one simple act, you could become a better boss, would you take that step? It is not hard to be the boss, but it can be very hard to be a good one. That is unless you know the secret to becoming the best boss your employees have ever had. This information can be found in our series of subliminal recordings, each of which has been scientifically designed to teach you what need to know in order to help your business flourish under what may seem to be all new leadership.

Once you understand that there is a great boss inside of you just waiting to get out and how to release him, you, your company, and your employees will all benefit.  Imagine being able to maintain full command of your emotions and using this newfound sense of stability to make your company a wonderful, fun, and successful place to work. You will look forward to getting up every day for work and so will all of your employees.

In time your mind will embrace these new ideologies and as it does, your methods of running your business will adapt to them. This will significantly impact not only the way you manage your company, but the way your employees will work for you. As a boss who is in full understanding of the concepts contained within our audio recording, you will soon reap the rewards of your efforts and watch your company reach previously unimaginable heights of prosperity.

Unlock your inner-leadership capabilities in order to effectively guide your employees and make an impact on your teamwork.
Maintain control of your emotions in high-impact situations and achieve excellent results as a leader.
Develop excellent communication skills to expertly command your staff and ensure your operation runs smoothly and professionally.
Build trust with your employees to help your business grow holistically, bolstering your skills as a manager.

I understand my employees
I speak highly of my employees
I give my employees every chance to grow
I am good at delegating tasks
I am clear in my instructions
I am a confident leader
I speak clearly and confidently
I plan tasks for my employees
I see the potential in my employees
I am compassionate as a leader

I make the business succeed
I am a good listener
I am an effective communicator
I am calm and in control
I make my employees more effective
I allow my employees room to express themselves
I make good presentations
I always work effectively
I co-ordinate tasks easily
My planning skills are excellent


 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or digital device for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening
All you have to do is listen to the audios for a minimum of 10 mins per day. You can also listen to this series along with our other packages to accelerate your results. For example, you could use Become A Money Saver, Law Of Attraction or Millionaire Mindset.

As you listen to the powerful message contained within the sounds of these audio recordings, your mind will be trained to a new way of thinking. These subliminal messages will teach you how to remain in charge with a more relaxed demeanor. Your employees will quickly notice the difference in how you manage your business and react to these changes in a very positive way. Not only will this be good for you and your employees, it will be good for your business.

As your brain comes to understand this new way of thinking, you will discover new powerful ways to make your business flourish. Each of these subliminal recordings will show you how to unleash the power to become an incredible manager, one that your employees will respect and your customers will enjoy dealing with.

Our scientifically engineered BrainTune® sounds will tune your brain to perfection. Nothing beats the power, strength and dynamism of BrainTune® to alter your mental thinking around forever. Embrace the world's most powerful subliminal technology at last, and inspire new thoughts to become a better boss!

The Become A Better Boss Subliminal Series is best used for:

Anyone who wants to be a better leader amongst their staff and boost their productivity

For those that want to be more confident leading their staff and the vision for the business, but is lacking that right now

For those that feel their staff can do with better leadership and motivation For anyone who wants to boost overall employee and work productivity

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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