BrainTune® for your mind is the best way to make profound changes in your mental state. With a careful blend of BrainTune sounds, a quick change in all areas of your life can occur.

BrainTune® is incredibly unique, and is used to enhance the performance of your learning and your mind. It really works to create strong changes and is suitable for all age groups.

The way we create the sounds is incredibly complex. We select the beat protocol within the sounds which helps to establish positive connections in your mind when the audios are playing. The beats differ in frequency, and range from a very high hertz frequency, say 20hz all the way down to 5hz.

After that is selected, we select the entrainment type, which determines the nature of how the cortical frequency following response in your brain is created. For example, you have the choice of using monaural, binaural or isochronic tones. Isochronic is said to be the most effective and can yield extremely positive results in a short space of time.

The final step is to select the musical tones, special effects and drone characteristics of the sound. Normally, you are likely to hear a series of nature sounds, but we also add in different musical elements to enhance the feel of the sound to its best level.

The uniqueness of BrainTune® as a brainwave technology is incredibly profound and can lead to a lifetime of positive benefits when used consistently over time. It is a great way to seriously enhance your mind and bring about extremely positive change and growth moving forward. The tracks you have in your series specifically target your inner mind and make your brainwave frequencies more strong and concise. In the long term, an incredibly diverse range of mental gains can arise.

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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