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Your package contains 5 audios, 2 of which contain BrainTune®. You will also receive a detailed instruction manual on use and a personalised download link to download the products.

Get Better At Biology Thought Inspire Subliminal Series

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Would you like to get better at Biology? In this subliminal series, you can get better at Biology and watch your grades improve at last! We target your study abilities, attitude to learning and mental abilities so that all aspects involved in Biology get better.

Biology is a very diverse subject, involving the natural world, organic life, cellular life and the like. But as you listen to the sounds, we will help to change your beliefs about studying any aspect of Biology, making you become more enthusiastic about it, and with greater concentration and learning speed. You will have a better memory to help you learn the things you need to do. All in all, that means you will score better grades in the long term and who would want to say no to that?

As you listen to the sounds and as your confidence in your Biology skills increases, you will derive greater enjoyment from the experiments you do and the subjects you learn. You will also take more appropriate notes in class and have a better understanding of what the teacher is saying. With this multi-pronged approach, your Biology grades can improve once and for all.

Take more pride and confidence in learning your Biology. Be more enthusiastic to succeed as the sounds penetrate your mind.
Pay more attention in class and listen attentively to the teacher. Do better in important experiments, projects and exams.
Have more concentration, memory powers and mental prowess to succeed. Take an active interest in learning.
Pay careful attention in experiments. Score higher marks in your exams. Revise relevant material and remember more.

I enjoy biology
I like to study biology
I like learning new things
I enjoy experiments
I keep myself safe when studying biology
I am alert when studying biology
I listen intently to what the teacher says
I enjoy numbers
I enjoy learning
I have a good memory
I remember what the teacher saysThe teacher is there to help me succeed
I am a winner
I am proud of learning
I take appropriate notes on what I learn
My concentration during class is excellent
My ability to learn is excellent
I like learning about animals
I like learning about the natural world
I like using the microscope and learning new things
My biology grades get better and better every day
I am getting better at biology all the time
I am good at biology
Its easy for me to learn biology
Biology exams are easy to me


 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or digital device for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening
All you have to do is listen to the audios for a minimum of 10 mins per day. You can also listen to this series alongside our other packages to accelerate your results. For example, you could use Become A Better Student, Improve Learning Abilities or Get Good At Exams on top.
The suggestions target all aspects of Biology, from your mental ability in concentration, memory, learning speed and exam performance, to other areas such as your confidence in Biology and the ability to learn. As the new thoughts are inspired within you, you can create a new foundation in your subconscious mind to allow for a better and improved you.
The key to Biology learning success is about changing your subconscious foundation to be in alignment with the mindset and confidence that allows for good Biology performance. As you see yourself in more positive and enthusiastic ways, a positive cycle is created which reinforces your positivitity and desire to succeed in Biology.

Our scientifically engineered BrainTune® sounds will tune your brain to perfection. Nothing beats the power, strength and dynamism of BrainTune® to alter your mental thinking around forever. Embrace the world's most powerful subliminal technology at last, and inspire new thoughts to get better at Biology.

The Get Better At Biology Sublimianl Series is best used for:

Any level of Biology, from high school to university

Those that are interested in Biology and want to learn more about it

Those that want to do better in their Biology exams

For anyone that is stuck in a rut with Biology and needs some confidence to go further

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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