Thought Inspire™ Subliminal Audios are designed to inspire new thoughts and thinking patterns in your mind. It is by changing your thinking that huge changes in your life can happen. The subliminal messages we make penetrate powerfully into your subconscious mind to allow for deep changes in mental state, thinking patterns and mindset. These changes foster real success in life. So whatever results you are looking for, let our subliminal audios help you!

See The Possibilities That Thought Inspire™ Can Bring For You


Utilising BrainTune® Technology

BrainTune® is a revolutionary new concept in subliminal audio technology. Using BrainTune®,
your brainwaves are adjusted to allow our subliminal messages to penetrate your mind deeper than anyone
else, allowing for the fullest effects from our messages. This means better and more profound results!

  • headphones

    Listen and relax as BrainTune® carries the subliminal messages deep into your mind.

  • happy_familly

    Get better and more profound results than any other means. The messages enter the subconscious!

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    Safe for the whole family, young and old, rich and poor. BrainTune® can inspire and grow anyone!

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    Our sounds work from the root level up, unlocking your potential and allowing you to live your ambitions.

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    Connect with your true mental, physical and spiritual powers for holistic results that last.


Our subliminal messaging system uses a special combination of carefully crafted "I" and "You" affirmations which are much more effective than normal subliminal messaging alone. With "I" affirmations, it creates the effect of you believing that the new thoughts have been inspired within you naturally.

With "You" affirmations, you are provided with external validation and approval of the changes which are taking place. It's this multi-pronged and holistic approach which amplifies the effects of Thought Inspire™ above anything else.

Profound Results

From as little as 10 to 20 minutes of listening time per day, you can transform your thinking and behavior around for good. Each package also comes with 5 varied audios to target every area of improvement you're looking for. There are two "I" and two "You" tracks for maximum effectiveness.

We also provide an instant download service for the packages you purchase to save on your computer or you can listen via your mp3 player. Finally, we have our expert customer support on hand to answer any questions you might have.

  • Target your mind and increase your mental powers easily and skillfully with a combination of I-You and BrainTune® technologies.

  • Save time with only 10 minutes of listening time per day. Let the messages penetrate your mind and allow you to achieve peak states.

  • Listen using audio earphones for targeted results. Transform and inspire new thoughts within your mind for success.

Our full range of packages is below. Once downloaded, simply listen to the sounds at your convenience and watch as the changes begin to unfold from the inside out. The audios also contain gentle, natural sounds so there is no need to relax whilst listening to them. You can simply continue your day to day activities as normal. To view more about the development and research behind our subliminal audios, click here, or otherwise browse below to view our selections...