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Your package contains 5 audios, 2 of which contain BrainTune®. You will also receive a detailed instruction manual on use and a personalised download link to download the products.

Law Of Attraction Thought Inspire Subliminal Series

Retail Price: $37 US


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have all the luck? Do you look at successful people and wish you knew their secret?  The truth is, there is no real secret to becoming successful. You just have to learn how to harness the law of attraction and put it to work for you. Anyone can put this theory into practice as many of the most successful men and women in the world can tell you. You may have watched "The Secret" and learned about the law of attraction that way but the law of attraction basically states that what you think about, you will bring about in your life. People have manifested everything from money, cars, homes to people, new jobs and a new life. Truth be told, the power of the law of attraction to get what you want is simply immense!

The key to activating the law of attraction is the subconscious mind. This audio helps you tap your mind so that your thoughts, actions and behaviors are in alignment and you get awesome returns from everything you do.

As your subconscious mind begins to fall in tune with the law of attraction, it will be as if someone has turned on a light. Finally you can see which direction you need to go in order to achieve every goal you have. In the real world, success is always attracted to those who are successful or who believe that they can have all they want. Now finally you have the chance to do this for yourself and manifest for real!

Start to put the law of attraction to work for you and begin to manifest more of the things you want in your life.
Manifest more of the things you want like more wealth, better relationships, confidence and well being all around.
Relax and let the messages in the recordings re-wire your brain and have you projecting a new vibration out into the world.
Finally realise that you can have everything you want in your life. The power to create the reality you want rests inside you.

I attract good things into my life
I attract wealth, health and abundance
I attract joy and happiness
I attract love and compassion
I attract generosity and humbleness
I attract all that I desire in life
I focus on good things automatically
I focus on positive situations automatically
I associate with positive people
I am the creator of my reality
I am in control of my life

I decide what happens in my life
My thoughts are powerful
I am able to create results easily
I believe in my ability to create
I have a clear and calm mind
I have a focused mind at all times
I wake up early in the morning
I follow my passions
I am a creative being
I unlock my inner power


 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or digital device for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening
All you have to do is listen to the audios for a minimum of 10 mins per day. You can also listen to this series along with our other packages to accelerate your results. For example, you could use Attract Business Opportunities, Business Success or Become A Money Saver.

As you listen to the sounds, you're beliefs will start to change. This is your limiting beliefs dissolving so that the roadblocks to fully activating the law of attraction are removed. The power of the audio goes further in reprogramming your mind into a positive state so that you can focus more on your goals. You will feel empowered and your creative energies will bind to wield your dreams into reality!

The audio helps to re-wire your beliefs and have you thinking differently about your place in the world and what you can achieve in it. You therefore project a different frequency and vibration out to the world, which attracts it back to you in return. Your habitual patterns of thinking will change and you will move to a completely different paradigm that can change your world and outlook for good.

Our scientifically engineered BrainTune® sounds will tune your brain to perfection. Nothing beats the power, strength and dynamism of BrainTune® to alter your mental thinking around forever. Embrace the world's most powerful subliminal technology at last, and inspire new thoughts to get activate the law of attraction!

The Law Of Attraction Subliminal Series is best used for:

Anyone who wants to apply magnificent and deeply spiritual universal laws to improve their life and attract the life of their dreams

For those that want to access more of the power of their subconscious mind and its creative energy

For those that want to attract more wealth, happiness and success For anyone who needs a boost in using the law of attraction more fully

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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