The subliminals work by broadcasting subtle positive messages to your mind. When they enter the mind these messages are read and implanted into your "subconscious" mind. As the messages are continually planted and nourished, completely new mindsets and thinking patterns with the habits and behaviors you want can arise. To view more about how the audios work, please go here.

Each series comes with 5 different audio tracks. 2 of the tracks contain BrainTune®. There are many different ways you can use the audios, and the instruction manual which comes with your package will explain how to use these clearly.

Recommended usage is a minimum of 10 mins per day and a maximum of 60 mins for any one series. You can comfortably listen to 7 to 8 different audio packages back to back without needing any break or time off whatsoever.

Yes, Thought Inspire™ is 100% compatible with the BrainTune® Series and the two ranges complement each other perfectly. Whereas the BrainTune® Series only works your brainwave state, Thought Inspire™ is designed to work your thinking patterns. The BrainTune® Series is another one of our product ranges from Peak Genius and is different from Thought Inspire™. You can still use your BrainTune Series® as normal.

Yes, a detailed instruction manual is included. This also includes the full list of affirmations in each audio, and instructions on how best to use the audios you have.

Yes, you can play as many packages as you want back to back. However, we recommend you begin with 7 to 8 different packages as a maximum and work your way upwards as time and your goals permit. You can alternate your use of the audios, so you can use different packages on different days.
The instruction manual will make all this easy to understand.

No, you don't. However, it will aid your progress and lead to maximum gains if you listen every day. Minimum usage would be once per week.

The files are in .mp3 format. This makes them ideal for playing on mp3 players and other devices.You can also listen to them on your computer, or transfer them onto cd player.

You will hear nature sounds when listening. There is no music on our tracks because music can cause many negative side effects.

You can listen to some samples of the nature sounds we use below:

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Nature sounds are far superior to music and will lead to maximum gains. The technical reasons for choosing nature sounds over music are:

1. Musical sounds can interfere with day to day activities. Nature sounds provide a neutral backdrop which is suitable for any situation.
2. The brain responds negatively to the same musical sounds when played over and over. The brain puts less priority on these sounds and the messages in them. This is also why you get "bored" of the same music when played enough times. Nature sounds are neutral, stopping boredom settling in.
3. Nature sounds do not manipulate your conscious mind as strongly as music. A relaxed conscious mind allows the subconscious mind to be accessed and for the messages to work. With musical sounds, your conscious mind is more active, thus reducing the effectiveness of subliminals and subconscious penetration into it.
4. Musical sounds can invoke and be linked with strong negative emotion. This can therefore create negative subliminal programming, solved when you use nature sounds.

BrainTune® is a therapeutic sound which tunes your brain by changing it's brainwave patterns. It does this by creating what's called "a cortical frequency following response" in your brain. You can view more technical information about BrainTune® here. If you already have BrainTune® from one of our other sites, you will know how effective it is and Thought Inspire™ complements this perfectly. BrainTune® works your mental states only. Thought Inspire is designed to change your thinking.

Within each subliminal series, you will receive 2 BrainTune® tracks. These tracks use very fine sound frequencies to create mental changes in your mind. The sound frequencies make your mind more receptive to the suggestions so that changes happen much more easily. Traditional subliminal messaging on its own fails to make your mind enter deep mental states. With BrainTune®, your mind can enter deep mental states, allowing the messages to penetrate deeper for even better results.

Absolutely! The benefits of our programs are numerous and are summarised below:

1. Our audios actually work and have lots of scientific evidence behind it. You can view the research behind the audios here.
2. We use BrainTune® technology which means our messages penetrate your mind deeper than anyone else. This gives deeper and more lasting results.
3. We develop your mind holistically and comprehensively using both "I" and "You" affirmations. No one else does this.
4. You save lots of time. You only need to listen for 10 mins per day and you can listen whilst on the move or doing other things.
5. You save lots of money. We believe the prices we charge are extremely affordable and are designed to suit any budget.

The products are downloaded onto your computer and there is no physical shipment. Once your order is accepted by PayPal, you are transferred to our back end server to download the audios onto your hard drive. You will also receive an email receipt with details of your order and a personalised download link, in case you need to re-download later on.

Yes, you can download again without a problem and as many times as you like. If your download link has expired, simply send us an e-mail with your order receipt and we can get you a new download link.

One package (containing 5 audios) will be a total length of about 50mb. For that reason, we highly recommend a broadband/high speed internet connection so you can download the files quickly. You can also access from a cyber cafe or library to download without any problems.

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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