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Your package contains 5 audios, 2 of which contain BrainTune®. You will also receive a detailed instruction manual on use and a personalised download link to download the products.

Relaxation Development Thought Inspire Subliminal Series

Retail Price: $37 US

Do you wish you had more ability to relax and be comfortable with yourself? Or do you wish you could relax fully when you want to, without feeling rigid, restless and anxious? If you can relate to any of these, this audio series is for you. Becoming relaxed and comfortable will make your whole body feel at ease, making your breathing lighter, and your mind more gentle and calm to do the things you want to do.

As you listen to the sounds, we target your mind to feel at ease like you once used to be. We re-open the doorway for you remember what it is like to feel fully relaxed and comfortable in your own skin. As you then connect to your own inner knowing, your relaxation will return to high levels, helping you to feel light and more peaceful, deep on the inside.

The gift of relaxation is especially important in high pressured situations, where stress levels can rise enormously. Modern society puts a lot of demands on the body and mind, so the level of relaxation most people get isn't sufficient to sustain them. With this subliminal series, you can restore your naturally abundant levels of relaxation, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience, and excel in life like you should.

Listen to the sounds to relax your whole mind and body into deeper states of bliss, joy and peace of mind.
Improve your relationships and the peace of mind you enjoy in life as the sounds have you feeling emotionally in control.
Regain the natural levels of calm & positivity that allows you to reach for your goals without negative emotions
Experience total freedom to do what you want, as your mind and body are relaxed and in their optimal position for growth.

I am relaxed
I am always highly relaxed
My mind is calm
My mind is clear
My focus is deep
I enjoy relaxing
It is okay to relax
My relaxation increases every day
It is good to feel relaxed
My emotions are calm
My thoughts are settled
I control my emotions
I feel good on the inside
I feel light
My body is relaxed and calm
My body feels light
I breath deeply
My breathing gets deeper
I am gentle
I am calm


The Relaxation Development Subliminal Series was designed for:

Those who want to restore naturally high levels of relaxation

Anyone who feels stressed out too often and wants to feel more relaxed

For those that want to feel relaxed in both body and mind For all relaxation enthusiasts

 Available for instant download onto your PC or Mac system.
Listen to the sounds using earphones, headphones or speakers
Load to your mp3 player or other system for on-the-move playing
Store backups and burn to CD for CD player listening
All you have to do is dedicate a minimum of 10 minutes per day to listen to the sounds. You can also listen to the other packages we have for even more results from Relaxation Development, such as Improve Sleep, Learn To Enjoy Life and Rocket Your Self Esteem.
Embrace the calmness of the ocean, as the subliminal messages penetrate your mind with our BrainTune® technology. The ocean can be so calm and yet so violent and destructive - just like your mind. Here, we work on the calm side of your mind and develop it to its fuller potential.

On top of that, our scientifically engineered BrainTune® sounds will tune your brain to perfection. Nothing beats the power, strength and dynamism of BrainTune® to alter your mental thinking around forever. So embrace the world's most powerful subliminal technology at last, and radically inspire new thoughts for relaxation development!

Become fully relaxed and enjoy the fun and glory which comes from feeling at peace with yourself. Inner peace brings inner joy, inner clarity and inner wisdom. It allows you to connect deeper inside and bring your full personality out.

With BrainTune® and I-You™ technology, our subliminals are the best in the world.

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